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When you’re a small business owner, deciding on an internet site designer is a critical strategic decision, as a good site may bring you more business and a bad a may drive away prospective customers. Since this decision is foundational to your company success, choosing the proper web site designer is essential. 

Who’s going to do the heavy work to make your site shine? Here are a few things when deciding on an internet website designer to consider. And if you are redesigning your existing web site, here are 18 tips for controlling your stresses your website redesign project. What Kinds of Web Designers Are There? I don’t really think there is an official definition, therefore I will provide you MY definition: Website Designer helps you to ascertain the page layout, graphics, text place and colors of your website, as well as the navigation and pages, will cross-link into one another. 

He may also do the real computer programming and graphic art performs for the website or may hire out that job for a programming specialist. There is An internet site Designer the project manager for the website design. Web site Programmer – takes the layout from the Designer and generates the code to make the website run. She’s also answerable for all the technical things that happen behind the scenes to be sure the website works properly for the customers. Graphic Designer\/Artist – creates or chooses the graphics for the site, such as page layout, colors, logo, photos, illustrations, etc. 

Think of this individual as the visual artist who generates the brand image for your site. Internet Marketing Consultant – helps you into ascertaining how your web site fits into your overall marketing plan, and how to get more traffic and sales from the site. Occasionally, if you are lucky, you may get all four of those skills through the same individual. A Note on Copywriting – You might find a designer who might also help you with of the text for the web site, but does not rely on it. Be ready to do your very own copywriting, or hire a pro copywriter. 

Copywriters charge per page, sometimes up into $500 a page – Below are 6 Copywriting Steps to Non-Copywriters from my blog. And once writing headlines, check out my blog post on 3 Headlines Formulas that can help you create the best headlines for the web site text. Consider some hybrid solution: get advice about simple web site copywriting principles from a copywriting consultant or tutor, then write the text yourself. Have of the consultant edit of the text to ensure that it works online. 

Who Is A Good Designer And How Much Do They Charge? Much of the choice of designers depends upon whether you wish to work locally with someone, or regardless if you’re willing to perform remotely with them over the telephone or video conference. Below are a few things into thinking and ask about when hiring an internet site designer: Pay attention to how much they ask you about YOUR BUSINESS.

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