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Ennovative Web Design is a Christian web design studio established and run by Christian web designers. We offer Christian and church website design. Our primary goal is to be a blessing to churches, ministries and Christian organizations by providing custom and tailor-made Christian web design solutions. We offer high-quality church website design and keep prices as low as possible. We also partner with Christian Lingua translation agency and can translate your website into many languages. Christian Lingua specialized in professional Christian translation. They’ve been offering Christian translation services since 2010. We’re proud to partner with them to not only do web design but also translate your Christian project.


As a Christian web design studio, we always do our best to exceed all your expectations. Your satisfaction is very important to us and as our policy, we offer a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee on all our services.


Our church website design solutions are unique and tailor-made to meet our client’s needs.


Christian Web Design Packages


Ennovative Web Design offers different web design packages for churches and ministries starting from $299. Our website packages are filled with great features and contain all you expect from an affordable and elegant ministry or church website. These packages include features like:


  • Unique Church Website Design

    We do not use ready-made templates to design websites but offer unique designs from scratch. All our Christian graphic design services are also unique and tailor-made. The unique design is included in all our web design packages.


  • CMS (Content Management System)

    CMS is included in some of our church website design packages. It allows you to edit your website (add web pages, photos, text, links and etc) all by yourself and without any prior knowledge of web design.


  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee

    There’s no monthly fee for maintaining or updating your church website when you choose a package that includes CMS. You can use CMS to maintain and update your website all on your own.


  • 1 Year Free Hosting and Domain Registration

    We offer 1-year free web hosting and domain name registration on all our websites. This feature is included in all other packages as well.


  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

    No more worry about the size of your church website. We offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth in some of our packages. It means you can upload as many videos or photos as you want and get thousands of visitors without any server-side problems.


  • Free Unlimited Technical Support

    Feel free to contact our technical support team via Email, Skype or phone. Unlimited Technical Support is included in all our packages.


  • Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is included in many of our web design packages. We do “on-page” optimization. We research and insert the right keywords into every web page and write effective Meta tags including title, keyword and description tags. The content of the website is then optimized for a better search engine ranking. Finally, the website is also added to 20 most popular Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


  • Video/Photo Galleries

    Upload your sermon videos and let the visitors watch online or download them. We also create beautiful photo galleries for your website. These features are available in many of our packages.


  • Audio Sermon Archive

    Upload all your audio sermons on the website and allow visitors to listen online or download them from the sermon archive.


  • Flash Header/Banner

    Flash headers/banners make your website look more professional. CrossRoad offers unique header/banner design services in several of the web design packages.


  • Free Logo Design

    As an additional bonus, free logo design is available in many of our packages.


  • Prayer Request/Contact Us Forms

    Prayer requests and contact us forms provide a great way to interact with your visitors. Our forms are all virus/spam-protected and include empty field alerts and much more.


  • Web Analytic Account

    A visitor tracking/web analytic account is installed on every single web design package offered by CrossRoad. It provides much useful information such as the number of people visiting the website, detailed geographical locations of visitors, time spent on each page, frequently visited pages and much more. It also provides you with important tips on how to improve your website and making it more user-friendly.