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Responsive Web Design

Whether you are looking for ‘mobile ready’ responsive website design, an eCommerce website, flash animation or logo design our web design services aim to understand your business objectives.

We work with you to design the best website to communicate what’s special about your business in a clear, consistent way in order to elevate your business. Take a look at our Web Design Services Portfolio – you will be impressed. When you engage our website designing services, you get website designers who understand technology and developers with an eye for design.

As a full service web design services company, we design modern websites with user-friendly interfaces that resonate with your audience.

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Web Hosting

We offer secure web hosting. We use our own USA based lightning fast servers with Continuous Data Protection (CDP). If your customers are in USA & Canada, having your web site hosted on an USA server is very important and will reduce page loading time. We offer secure, high-performance servers with rock-solid network infrastructure. We provide a range of packages to suit the needs of all our different clients – from single to dedicated client servers. We don't take risks with your business – we guarantee the most reliable service possible by using a dedicated service connected directly to the internet backbone. Your site is operated in a secure environment.

Slinky provides robust industry-standard solutions tailored to your individual needs. Get a quote today.

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Domain Name Registration

Domain registration is the process by which a company or individual can secure a website domain, such as www.yoursite.com. Once you have completed domain registration the domain becomes yours for the period of the contract, usually one year. Before registration expires it must be renewed, or the domain reverts back to being available to the general public.

There are lots of companies who are offering cheap domain registration, but our suggestion is that please take care while registering your domain name with these providers. Generally people are not aware that there are lots of free features which you will get while registering your domains from the reputed domain name registrar. Also please take care that in the domain name registration process the Domain Registrant Administrative contact has to be your not of your vendor. We offer Domain Registration at very low price.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the conduit through which a large percentage of the world’s internet traffic flows. To put this number in perspective, in Google alone over one hundred billion searches are performed every month. Wow! That’s a truly staggering amount of people actively looking for information, and as a business with an online presence, it’s easy to see how important it is to be able to tap into this stream of potential customers. The better placed your website is in the search engine results, the more likely you are to receive new visitors, leads and sales through your website. Investing in a well thought-out search strategy can improve your bottom line, and reduce spend on other forms of marketing too.

Consistent results from search engine optimisation requires careful planning and execution, and a key part of achieving this is a rock-solid process, refined from years and years of results for our clients.

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iOS App Developers

We specialise in iPad & iPhone app development. Our app developers are all exceptionally experienced in the iOS operating system and Apple's strict review guidelines/approval process. Find out more about iOS app development.

With the success of the iOS platform quickly emerging as a significant and powerful extension of the Web and interactive space many businesses are moving to have applications developed on the iOS platform. This enable them to engage their existing customers in new and exciting ways and also attract new ones.

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Android App Developers

We create stunning Android apps for devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. We have extensive experience in Google's smartphone technology. Find out more about Android app development or contact us today for a free quote.

Android is the framework augmented by Google and Open Handset Alliance as cutting edge technology. Android is software platform as well as an Operating System. It has been basically designed on Linux Operating system.

Ennovative Web Design have established themselves as a leader in Android Development USA.

Ennovative Web Design can deliver native and web-based Android application development, including supporting backend web-services. Don't be left out of this market, contact us to see how we can build your Android application, or port your existing products to the Android platform. Ennovative Web Design is also able to deliver a single application tailored for the Android market.

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Software Development

Our focus is on delivering quality software to our clients through software development practices such as Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming and Agile Methodologies. We aim to deliver working software as early as possible to kick start a rapid feedback cycle.

We work very closely with our clients through the full project to ensure that they get they get the best software possible.

Ennovative Web Design provides software development services in Android and for the iPhone.

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Logo Design

We have worked with many companies to develop logos and marketing materials that are outside the box. We put a lot of thought into our clients’ branding because, in many cases, that is the first thing that clients see.

Our branding process starts by determining the core mission of the company. We then work hard to create an image that fits perfectly with the company’s services, values and goals.

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Social Media Marketing

With our strong social media marketing strategy, Ennovative Web will help you to connect, discover, and share information of your business with your target audience. If implemented correctly, marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your business.

Your customers are connecting and interacting through social media, therefore, having a strong social media presence on the web is the key to tap into their interest. Let us handle your business’s social media management; you get back to doing what you do best running your company.

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